Moderators:Eternal Wind, CKai Cydek, Anti-R, Um about how many versions are there for each song original characters have? This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. An English-speaking forum dedicated to fans of the Japanese mecha game Super Robot Wars. Theme of Kyousuke Nanbu/Alteisen/Alteisen Riese from Super Robot Wars/Super Robot Taisen Original Generations in 8-Bit. Which version of Neppu Shippu Cybuster is the SRW 2 version? I have a load of versions that are Kageyama Hironobu & Mizuki Ichirou, and there's a "Remix Zero" version with drama... there's the SRW 4 "arrange Vo. ver" one that's sung by MIO (which is the best version IMHO), the Edgewired one with Sakamoto Eizo & Endoh Masaaki (the 2nd best version IMHO), then there are the later JAM Project versions. (Ex: ICE MAN, PSYCHIC ENERGY, etc.). Wow lots of songs and thats just the ones that are sung. 4:03 【第2次スパロボOG】 炎の中華体育教師 【BGM】 ... Super Robot Wars OGs Moon Dwellers OST - The Knights of the Fury by Brunom1. SRW BGM - Dark Prison Ver.OG DP by v2sign. Banpreios theme - Hagane ni Senjin : 1 version (SRW 15th anniversary cd) Cybaster theme - Nippu Shippu Cybaster : 5 versions ( SRW 4, SRW Alpha - normal and with drama - , SRW Alpha drama (Edgewired version), SRW OG The Animation, SRW 15th anniversary cd) Valsione theme - Flapper Girl : 1 version (SRW Alpha - normal and with drama) How about midi-ish ones? If you are talking about sung version of the original songs you have: you forgot the spiralark version of Vanishing Trooper so 3 versions. actually that's the Burning Version I have both the non and Drama version of the Burning Version, Metal Body is a new instermentation of the Non Drama Burning Version Lyrics. Super Robot Wars OGs Moon Dwellers OST - Doomsday - YouTube

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