As soon as I have the explanation I’ll post it for you to test. i came across this website, because i was searching for a way to play mame games on osx, but now i can revive my DC!!! I am using a 512GB card loaded with 345 games and my menu loads in less than 2 seconds. Can someone point me a link (europe) for the needed resistors or can tell me the correct description?

I used to have a fairly good original game collection, but sold a lot of them long ago (the most familiar of woeful tales to so many of my generation). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! The exact values of the resistors you require are in the guide already. I am based in uk and tend to use mymemory to avoid fake cards. Oh, the regret! As I am also using a 3D-printed case which routes the air appropriately as in the original DC design, I don’t really need to implement it though! In the worst cases, when the files have not been tagged you will see a blank entry in the list, or they may be tagged with something they were built from, for example a homebrew game may have used an Official Dreamcast Magazine coverdisc as its basis and may still have that tagged name! Here is my solution for overheating, for anyone who wants to test: It’s described in the text. And for those interested, here’s what it looked like after the spray job and LED change! Good quality cards are recommended, and I’ve had success with the SanDisk Ultra cards as pictured above. I’m not going to get too deep into the politics of this; I know clones are a shady industry, and suck for the originator of GDEMU. Within the SD Card Maker folder, you’ll find a readme for the GD MENU software that it installs on your card, and is what you see when you boot the Dreamcast. But when I did a fan kit change, I changed the power supply anyhow. Using 3 x 1k ohm 1/2w (brown, black red, gold) instead of 1/4w, should work or could cause a problem with a pal DC? It now works like a dream, so thank you! Would you be able to replace the 3 x 1/4W 1K ohm resistors with 3 x 1/2W 1K ohm resistors? Immediately after that uncheck the menu. As individuals, we don’t have the legal means to fight every wrong against us. I’ve changed the link to a different file provider, but take no responsibility for its use. Just a quick question on memory cards. I never usually advocate paint-jobs on hardware (unless it’s to restore original colours, as I did for my Atari 800XE), but this was really yellow and grimy. This is a great guide is fantastic and will save people a lot of time. Dreamcast Information. That will allow me some degree of easy categorisation of GDI files on different cards. Dreamcast is the first representative of the sixth-generation consoles from Sega developers. One boots into the menu in around 3 seconds. A 128gb card will get you 100 decent games ! I Thought that it was a defective board but isnt, i’ve bought another gdemu and isnt showing the menu too. Keep the GDROM drive safe, and particularly the screws! If you suspect the case might not belong to the board inside for some reason, you can also verify it by looking for a 1 in a circle on the board attached to the joypad ports, like this: Finally, you can confirm a VA1 model by the 3.3V stamped on to the metal plate of the GD-ROM drive assembly, as seen here: Ignore the state of the Dreamcast, this is my spare (I’ll be leaving my original launch day machine intact), and I’ve spray-painted it! I highly recommend reading it as it gives key combos for resetting the system and information on region settings / VGA output, and it can be found here: GDEMU_SD > data > files > readme.txt. IMPORTANT: Doing any of the modifications on this page, especially the one to the power circuit, are entirely at your own risk. You can read my install guide for that, here. Nelson I am in UK and bought a pack of ten from this buyer in 2018 who still seems to be going. Would this this card be suitable:- SanDisk Ultra 128 GB SDXC Memory Card up to 100MB/s, Class 10 UHS-I. How did the three resistors work out? Thanks @retrogameultra, I will be making a video for my Youtube channel and be sure to give you a shoutout! Such a start has been made possible thankfully to the games that have been previously created for the Dreamcast. Unscrew the three holding screws: Now, without twisting or tilting the unit, and holding either the metal cage, or the smooth black plastic outer wall, lift the unit straight up and out. I am using one from download link which is Mad sheey v1.1. You can reorder them by: NOTE: At this stage, some names will be different to the folder name (or filename in the case of CDIs) that you added. I think the 3D print will not favor the air exchange of the power source, but the goal was mainly to cool the heat generated by the GDROM and removing it alters the area of ​​higher heat concentration. With the modem removed, unscrew the four corner case screws: Holding the two halves of the case together, turn the Dreamcast back the right way up and gently lift off the top cover. You can click here to download version 1.10. because my gdemu isnt working. Drag a title and drop it where you want it to be. I find some DC packs you can get load a lot quicker than when I do it myself. You must first format them to fat32. The storage slots are great, and it gives it a nice, purpose-built look. Since the October it began selling in Europe. Development began in 1997 (originally under the name Katana), and the first batch of consoles (under the name of Dreamcast) went on sale in November 1998, the year after it began selling in the United States. I can put up with the wait. Some games will make this first reset to their menu, and you do it again to go back to GD MENU. There are Sega Dreamcast games from a variety of different genres and categories, so the entertainment is guaranteed. The creator has options for SD slots on the left, right, or none, and it also mimics the shape of the original GD-ROM drive to try and create the original airflow for cooling. Development began in 1997 (originally under the name Katana), and the first batch of consoles (under the name of Dreamcast) went on sale in November 1998, the year after it began selling in the United States. For me maybe its a windows 10 thing or the gdemu I am using is not quite doing as it should for whatever reason. This is a good time to check the capacitors for visual signs of expansion. I’m hoping it’s not just a glitch that only worked for me. This runs a patch that can prevent the game list from taking a long time to appear on your Dreamcast. Nelson be good to see how you get on with your menu of games. SDHC: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. Wish someone else could make another version of madsheep ! The mod kits 3d printing ebay is best. Please let me know if it works for you. Bitdefender finds no virus in the file I link to above. Yes, they’re 1k ohm resistors. Picture of what it looks like at the end! I’ll found the root cause, file name convention of some .bin files where not compliant to the GDEMU requirements. As a TL:DR, though, two useful bits of info: In-game reset, hold A+B+X+Y+START. When fully loaded they can take time to load but have no issues with them. I had this tray made. I think it is ideal to use all the options, 3D print, resistor and aperture to improve circulation in the font region because they are easy to implement and complement each other. The Dreamcast i bought on eBay works fine with discs but the components all seem to be from Versions 0, 1 and 2 so I’m unsure. Where can i find all the versions of the gdmenu? Finally, you can confirm a VA1 model by the 3.3V stamped on to the metal plate of the GD-ROM drive assembly, as seen here: Disassembly: Ignore the state of the Dreamcast, this is my spare (I’ll be leaving my original launch day machine intact), and I’ve spray-painted it!

At the top right of the window you’ll see ‘Free Space’, telling you the capacity of your SD card, and just underneath, ‘Free Space After’, telling you the free space that would be left on the card if you finalised it with whatever is currently in the game list. He advised that a 300ohm 1/4W resistor isn’t really going to cut the mustard as it will itself get too hot. That’s not justification for it, but it always has, and always will happen. Having done this a while back I can share my experience. Obviously if you’re not using a VGA connection you don’t need to tick it at all. Yes, that should be fine as you’re just using resistors that can sustain a higher load. I referenced your page in the video and linked in the description. thanks in advance! Are the games just as fluid or is there any reason to worry?

Burning fresh copies of games solves the first problem, but not the latter. ( Log Out / 

Be interested to see how you get along.

Hi , ive just fitted this too a version with a metal fan , it seems the outer case was a VA1 but the insides were the earlier type. My waned love for the Dreamcast was recently rekindled due to a desire to play Crazy Taxi. Among them are: Soulcalibur, Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Hydro Thunder. The development was attended by famous world leaders such as Hitachi, Microsoft, Video Logic, Nec and Yamaha. Then I actually deleted all the data of the second card and copied the files from 52 second card across without folder 001 and ran gdemu. I use original GDI rips to try and achieve the highest compatibility I can, and SD cards are cheap enough at the moment that I don’t mind having multiple cards to fit on the games I want. As I know that card can boot in under 3 seconds it deffo has something to do with the menu tool. is it needed as ive read somewhere else this gets done automatically. The pin connector is bottom-right as you look at the picture above, close to the screw hole. So whoever or however the person who who did the DC pack, they got it working great ! ( Log Out /  Luckily i was reading your blog last night and noticed.. oops , i do have another 3.3v PAL DC here with plastic fan so i will be installing it in that one instead now. One thing to bear in mind is that GDI files (and their associated folder of contents) can be an entire rip of a GD-ROM, so the file size once on your SD card will be just over 1.1GB each. 300 thousand consoles immediately went to buyers, who have pre-ordered them, and one day after it was sold about 230 thousand consoles. Hi I’m totally new to this but thought ok installing a gdemu should be easy so I’ll give it a blast.

In any case, this error does not impact the SD card in any way, that is OK to use even if you see this message.

Two things to note on file naming and ordering. You can slide the modem back in now, too. Thanks, glad it helped! My own chosen games on exact same 128gb card still has a 1 minute 42 second boot time. ok, but my concern is to circulate the air and get hot air out of the case. I’m not an expert on the software, but I know GDmenu region patches on the fly, so you don’t need to have that ticked, but I think if you have games you specifically want to output as VGA you need to tick that one. Help me please!!! I connected it all up, and got my games out.

. Watching it right now!

Good luck with the DC, and be sure to check that it’s the right revision before you do it! Change ), SEGA Dreamcast GDEMU installation and setup, View @retrogamesultra’s profile on Twitter, Running the MAME arcade emulator on Mac OS X,,, SEGA Saturn Phoebe installation and setup – RetroGamesUltra, SEGA Saturn Phoebe installation and setup, Adding authentic(ish) labels to Atari SDrive Max cases, Dumping and preserving Atari 8-bit cassettes. At the end of this post I’ve put details of the 3D-printed ‘tray’ I’ve installed. It’s difficult to offer any clear advice without seeing pictures, but it does sound a bit Frankenstein’s Monster! Runs cool enough that I don’t think it will be an issue. Hello, how about 2-4 disc games? As a small concession to the creator, I won’t link to the one I bought, but if you want one, you’ll be able to find listings easily enough.

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