Lol I’m glad that new bride won’t put up with Madam Jiang’s shit…. Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhua, Martial Arts, Tragedy. Thank you for the update ❤️.

His actions would be too much but with his situation that his own family is not even letting him eat and treated him badly I care less with how he acted like a madman to them atm cutting tables or overthrowing them! At that time, he sent her boiled eggs, and once, Jiang Chengxiang’s eggs were not boiled thoroughly. She is his mother. There was too little sugar in the sugar water, and the sugar was not sweet enough.

It’s best if he starves to death in it!”. Standing up, Jiang Zhen suddenly picked up his knife and chopped the table.

Jiang Zhen was resting inside the house, but outside, the rest of the Jiang family had already met their new daughter-in-law. Old Madam Jiang was also frightened by what had happened last night.

“Eldest Jiang, if you want to eat, why won’t you take the bowl yourself?” Old man Jiang killed pigs and had been a soldier who has seen the world. Share this: Twitter; Facebook ← Don’t mess with me, Miss: ch 09; Don’t mess with me, miss: ch 11 → Mlone. Although there was a little unhappiness, everyone in the Jiang family was able to meet the new daughter-in-law. Due to the betrayal of his close friend and girlfriend, college student Wang Ming sunk into the lowest point in his life. Zhu Shufen knew Jiang Chengxiang before her marriage. Sinner, sinner, I’m no angel you can see.

Treat your son as less than a dog, and he’ll treat you as an enemy. Five eggs were all packed in his arms.

This knife, which can easily cut off the bones of a pig’s leg, was very heavy. Old man Jiang was also a little stupefied, and the others were even more afraid to greet Jiang Zhen. All rights reserved. . “Eldest Jiang, what’s the matter with you?

Huang Min looked at her brother-in-law and sister-in-law with jealousy. She still appeared gentle and courteous. On the first day, Jiang Chengwen’s wife, Huang Min, married into Jiang’s family, she got up early in the morning to help old lady Jiang cook, but she did not get to eat sugar eggs. I find it almost comical at how dense they are. However, thinking that Yuan Wen did not get to eat chicken legs, old Madam Jiang, who was rarely generous, steamed six eggs in one breath while cooking.

10th, it has 11.9K views Alternative . With this in mind, Madam Jiang wanted to go over and rattle the door again.

Honest Eldest Jiang, how did he become like this in the twinkling of an eye? Then he robbed the two eggs for Zhu Shufen. The knife almost cut her own hand! He only split one side of the wooden table: “Have you forgotten what I said yesterday? Jiang Zhen did not leave the storeroom after last night, which made Madam Jiang think of the past, and she was not very afraid of him. No matter who Madam Jiang scolded, he was the only one who was called like that. Why do these people like toasting instead of drinking fine wine?

You reap what you sow. This is no place for you men to come,” Old Madam Jiang said, but she completely forgot that all the work in the kitchen, such as washing dishes and pots, was done by Eldest Jiang after he came back from the field. With mother-in-law staring at her, it was impossible for her to take a bite of the eggs her son was eating.

I do enjoy how transmigration novels kind of underscore that a person becomes quiet and timid through abuse, but how abusers and bullies can’t stand up to someone as brazen as themselves – which is why they abuse children to become quiet and timid. Pointing fingers and putting blame to the wrong guy is definitely the bad habit of this family *tsk tsk.

She also complained again about Jiang Zhen.

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