© 2020 Westone Laboratories. I’m about to get a good deal for this one so I was wondering if this is kind of like the IEM equivalent (or better) of the HD598 which I’m going to leave at home instead because it’s annoying my coworkers. The XBA-H3 doesn’t have the best bass control but the W4 has a more mid-bass focused response while I quite like the bass depth of the Sonys. For me, the bass of the W4 is always plentiful but never excessive.

To me, the midrange presentation of the W4 sounds quite natural both in texture and tone but it really wouldn’t be much of a stretch to call the W4 a mid-centric earphone. The Westone ES5/ES50 is potentially the best signature match out of everything I’ve heard, but in terms of all-around performance I just don’t think it’s a stellar value these days. Which one has more bass presence between the4r and 535? The tone of the W4, too, is slightly more neutral than that of the UM3X and the timbre is on-par with the SM3 and about as good as it gets for BA-based earphones.

There is still a long ways to go before the site has all of its the intended features and content, so keep checking back to see what’s new!
Cheers. I was wondering if you could give me your personal opinion on this IEMs.

Much thanks again! They are so comfortable and I listened to them all night with no fatigue. Do you find the 1964 v3 comparable to the universal IEMs at the same price level?

I think ie8 I agree focuses more on bass so I can eliminate that. They get great overall scores but in doesn’t seems to arrive from sum of it parts… good bass, but with midbass focus, good mids but peculiar, good highs but nothing special, good soundstage. Thanks for all your great advise, you’re the first place I look to when trying to get an idea on some IEM I’m considering. In direct contrast to the slightly recessed midrange of the W3, the mids of the W4 are just a bit forward in the soundscape. I like hard-hitting subbass but not too much midbass. Yes, I have a W40. A little north from neutral. Clearly it is not for those seeking FAD-like clarity, exciting treble, or explosive bass but the balance and realism of the new Westones is difficult to fault. $250 is great, but again only if this is the sort of sound you want. The W4 and W3 have a good bit of difference between them but for the similarities they share (good bass punch, mids that are not overly recessed, not very “analytical” sound), I would consider the 1964EARS 1964-V3 in the sub-$500 range. I’ve read that the response of the 4R becomes more linear (less mid bass and treble spike) when used with a 100 ohm impedance adapter and Phonak ear tips.

The UM Pro 30 is VERY hard to beat, though the W40 is also pretty good. Current Price: The 4 has been replaced by the W40 and available for $499 from amazon.com

After a week of research I decided to give 1964 Ears a try.From your reviews the V3 and the V6-stage seemed a really good value.

I don’t think end-to-end extension is one of its strong suits, definitely not the way it is with something like a DUNU DN-2000.

For example for flat sound there are definitely better options among universals than the V3.

Thanks, I appreciate that! Does the V6-Stage sound as bass-lacking as the Shure IEMs? Out of all the other flagships, it’s probably closest to the UE900 (https://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/ultimate-ears-ue-900/) in sound signature, but a bit warmer and less analytical.

To stay up on artists, customs & collaborations, Submission Error - Please resubmit or try again at a later time, I am 16 years of age or older and agree to the, Apple W1 Chip & Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth. Thanks! Do you think I can get better end to end extension with other IEMs in the $200-$300 price range or does the 4R excel on that aspect too? I commend your bravery in taking on such a drastically different sound . P.O. After Windows Update There's lot of difference in Audio. Living in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, ljokerl has been using portable audio gear to deal with lengthy commutes for the better part of a decade. Typically the type of music I enjoy are vocals with classical instrumentals in background. Microphonics (5/5) – The W4 can only be worn over-the-ear and microphonics are nonexistent It also has a more comfortable fit IMO. Have you tried this? Bass quality is better as well. With those requirements probably not. If you really want to be on the safe side in terms of treble, then the Westone ES5/ES50 is the way to go. It does not hiss with my netbook and its sonic flavor remains fairly consistent across a wide range of sources, much like that of the ATH-CK10 and my 1964-T customs. Phone: 1-800-525-5071 Music Support: 1-877-290-3988
LOL, yea I know and I’m really loving them so far. As stated in my review of the SM3, there is definitely a sweet spot for soundstage size in armature IEMs – too large and the earphones will start to sound ‘thinned out’; too small and congestion can become an issue. It’s rather bass-heavy and the bass is not quite as controlled as the W4 or the EarSonics, but it’s fun and impactful while also maintaining smooth sound that won’t shock you with harshness coming from the W4, as would be the case of a number of other enhanced-bass IEMs. I also have a W10 and it sounds like the old W1. Noise cancelling wireless headphones to block distractions +4. I’m not expecting the same expansive soundstage but how about instrument separation and detail? Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Detail is excellent as well and while the W4 isn’t nearly as sparkly or energetic as the ATH-CK10 or Fischer DBA-02, I can’t image anyone taking offense with its treble, either. If you wanted a big upgrade in clarity, something like an FLC Technology FLC8 will be a much bigger step up than the W40 at about the same price. Thanks. . The UM3X, W3, and W2 are all top-tier earphones as far as I am concerned but they are not perfect. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

I still recommend it if you need this type of sound because nothing does it better than the W4, but without specific preferences there are lots of other IEMs I’d recommend first. Thank you for the comprehensive guidance! -Shure se535LTD (red version). Hi joker im thinking of getting the westone 4r vs the shure 535 ltd. Interesting question because none of those are ones that I’d pick for the maximum possible detail (that would be something like an Etymotic ER4, VSonic VC1000, etc). I was thinking of giving either the SM-64 and Velvet a chance but I am hesitant due to the fact the I don’t know too much about their customer support in the US. I was wondering what would be the major differences in sound between the W40 to the EPH-100 ? If you wait a couple of days there should be a full review of the AF180 up on InnerFidelity . Wireless earphones made for the way you live, Lightweight wireless earphones for all‑day activity, Totally wireless earphones built for performance, Noise cancelling wireless headphones to stay inspired, Noise cancelling wireless headphones to block distractions, Location Midrange is important (a lot vocal-focussed music). It’s good if you just want a warmer, less analytical sort of sound compared to your UE900. Westone Story Established in 1959 as a custom-fit earpiece manufacturer, Westone has become known worldwide as 'The In-Ear Experts.' Yeah, that’s a fair price for the performance you’re getting. They are also slightly warm and extremely smooth.

If not, I guess V3 would be a better choice.

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