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Hunny is stealing my heart as well as a close second. ? During a battle, you must deploy your troops to the trenches and help them advance across the battlefield to defeat the enemy.

I've bought the game with beta access($45), does it still show demo version when I open the game, or it's my own problem? Our protagonist is a country boy who decided to move to Banana Town. Though the game has no offical date guide, I can already tell that Howl is going to be the hardet one to romance. Super Mario 64. I def want to see the MC squirm his way into Yolkie's heart the most right now. Receive these membership benefits: Install and manage your mods easily with community-made 1-Click mod downloaders. You can try out the demo now ! We have some Review Run copies of Banana Hammock left. In this  game, you get to touch & kiss your sex partner as much as you want! * I just gotta wait for that beta access🥺...😅it's ok tho, the wait is totally worth it*. Design a Banana card for the Kickstarter Backer Appreciation Pack! The campaign is done :). Banana Hammock is a fast paced game about monkeying over your friends and scoring Bunches of Bananas! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Includes option to have your name included on the card as the designer. But I can't download it yet. Now I totally want more😆! (Psst, if you want, you can become one of the NPCs in the game! For final version!! Join us...ufufufu 😈), I feel ya, my dude q(≧▽≦q). Includes copy of Banana Hammock with all Stretch Goals. So BETA ACCESS begins with 1 (ONE playable route, NOT the whole game) within Q1 of 2021. Who will you marry and have kids with? In this case not only is this the first time I'll be seeing this many achieved and completed, I think it's also really awesome that we get to even have so many!😆 Lol, now I just can't wait!

For the interview, there's no need for you to give the voice. Played. Recently added - View more. Latest update video (updated September 2020): Banana Ranch is a 18+ dating sim + ranch management game involving romance between two men (MxM / BL / Yaoi / Gay). Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021" (AKA, around Jan-Mar 2021).

Hi there. The game will involve three years of Ban’s life at Banana Town. In the world of Banana Ranch, ranch animals are basically employed workers who get paid monthly to produce dairy products. Well, thank you for making my google search history even more bizarre than it already was 🤣🤣🤣. If I purchase pre-order ($29.99 USD), I will not download other versions? • Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it. And, new updates are available every weeks so, it is a must have. im lost help a fellow person :(. I would be happy just being able to do that since in Seiyuu Danshi I would spend foooorever building up money (even tho it was fun so no complaints there) but it can get tedious when you want to move the story along...but really need the mula😭😭.

I'm pretty sure you can, but maybe email and inquire about it first if you want to be totally sure? If it is, can anyone tell me how to fix it? Are you gonna get in on the beta testing action? This Tier is for 10 copies of Banana Hammock (20% off MSRP) with all Stretch Goals. Hi there, the "Version 2" is just the annotation for the build version, it doesn't have any difference (the version 2 just occurred because I made a mistake and reuploaded the placeholder file). Tired of the usual inactivity during sex in other games? Not a member yet?

Did you pledge via Patreon /

For Beta access: gets to play the game as it is being developed + final version. Nope. If via Patreon, please contact me via e-mail and let me know your Patreon account name & new address. Hi I purchased Banana Ranch Game + Beta Access + Fanbook and was wondering when can I get to play them? I'm playing the demo version and I've met all the characters but hunny?. Will Ban be in a relationship with one of the eligible bachelors? After solving word cookies Banana Level 16, we will continue in this topic with Word cookies Banana 17, this game was developed by Bitmango the famous developer known in game puzzles.The game has too many packages splitted in levels, each pack contains 20 levels where you need to find all the hidden words. You get a LOT of quality content, MANY hours of gameplay, and the games themselves have high replay value :D, How could I change my delivery address for the physical part (Basic Physical Pack) ? Like, we've still got 2-4 months to go, but since I've been waiting for almost a year now...2 months is nothin'! Scroll down below to find the demo download link :D. Like in my previous game Seiyuu Danshi, in this game you can be either top or bottom in the relationship! oh I see! Oh really?! You can download the demo and check if it works with your PC. Music, voices, versatile characters, coding, art, etc. If so, Howl the wolf 🐺 is already funded☺. I sometimes get confused with the Quarter Calender too. for the people who bought the $85 tier when will the merch to sent out? Well, play the game to find out ;)).

There isn't really any requirement for the level of detail, you can give as much detail as you want / can provide :). Hey there, beta access period hasn't started yet. I sincerely thank you for your hard effort! If you're asking if the full game will be free, I would say no. Like for example, not all BL /YAOI OR LGBTQ content I buy, will have the protagonist as reversible, so that you can choose to be top or bottom, rather than having it chosen for you. It's super awesome that you're treating yourself with beta access tho, kudos! This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, December 13 2020 10:00 PM UTC +00:00. For non-US backers, we will make alternative arrangements for the poster print. Includes copy of Banana Hammock with all Stretch Goals and an 18x24 Poster Print of the designed artwork.

So exciting.This game looks funny and fantasy .But the waiting time would be too long.My friend talked me to play seiyuu danshi,but this one is more attracted. HOW TO PLAY Will you make Ban be the TOP or BOTTOM in the relationship? You can look up above to see all the 12 available bachelor's the team is developing.

Just putting this out there for any fellow dummies like me who didn't realize this--Meyaoi has a Twitter account that has many more updates on the development of this game! This is for you retailers and distributors out there that want to spread the love of bananas to all! Build commission forms and customize your profile on Checkpoint, the mod commissioning platform. It originally went until January 31 but was extended another 2 months until March 31.

I'm guessing the purchase price will be similar to this dev's previous game, Seiyuu Danshi, which was about $33 USD. And, new updates are available every weeks so, it is a must have. Moreover, the ranch he was going to work at was not hiring at all, it was even on the verge of bankruptcy! In anime we almost haven't seen them closely yet. Recruit more ranch animals & negotiate wage with them to gain maximum profit and rescue your ranch from the brink of bankruptcy! Pledge this tier and we'll contact you for instructions on how to confirm your business and provide you special rates based on quantities.

So does it means that I can only play the demo version at this moment? Played. I really loved Seiyuu Danshi (still do) I played the demo of Banana Ranch so I'm having really high expectation. :).

Next stretch goal is..., Name in credit, digital wallpaper, digital wallpaper, DRM-free digital copy of the game, beta access of the game, DRM-free digital fanbook, Physical game copy, 2x postcard, acrylic keychain of a character of your choice, Banana Ranch T-shirt, 3D Mousepad, fullbody acrylic standee, fullbody character strap, 2x A4 poster, plug-and-play USB flashdisk, dakimakura, 20cm chibi doll. He's one half of the love hotel couple, so he's a backer-designed NPC (*cough bought and designed by me cough*)--he's not romanceable, sadly ;pI can't seem to be able to link the twitter post of their initial reveal, but here's the original pic: No problem, my dude (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧. This is an addictive and challenging word puzzle, Enjoy! For fanbook, it's digital for $60 tier.

"Current expected release date for beta access (playable until the end, but with only 1 romance-able character) is Q1 2021. Like, will they be up for grabs up until the 1st beta test, or will they be removed sooner/later than that? Get games. Banana Ranch: 18+ BL/Yaoi/Gay Visual Novel / Dating sim game may contain content you must be 18+ to view. Merch won't be sent out before the game is finished. Yolkie so far is definitely my favorite, he's so sassy! But I understand adding on everything and more, requires a lot more funds. Includes copy of Banana Hammock with all Stretch Goals and an 18x24 Poster Print of the designed artwork. so i preordered it and when its released would i get a notification to tell me i can download it? Yeah, definitely play Seiyuu Danshi and maybe "follow" Meyaoi games so you get updated when Banana Ranch finally releases (I think there's a button on the right-hand side of the page that says “Follow Meyaoi Games," just click it 😊). Also is the Fanbook digital or is it in a physical copy? They post lots of updates and progress images for the game there on a pretty regular basis 😄. View all - Create new list. Raion doesn't have his route too.

I love how incorporated their system is, they put a lot into their games.

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