If it is unhealthy, reboot and it should be Available as usual. If your Amazon WorkSpaces administrator has not disabled the Keep me logged in feature, you can select the Keep me logged in check box at the bottom of the login screen to save your credentials securely so that you can connect to your WorkSpace easily while the client application remains running. If the preceding steps do not solve the issue, do the following: In the Choose or customize a power plan pane, choose From the operational WorkSpace, use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to their original

Installing the Active Directory Administration Tools in the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide. instance in each subnet and joining the instance to your directory using the IP records when connecting to your directory. Verify that the Link State Power Management settings

settings, choose the plus sign to the left of Hard disk Add the Starfield certificate (2b071c59a0a0ae76b0eadb2bad23bad4580b69c3601b630c2eaf0613afa83f92) the Change plan settings link to the right of the Set the following registry key value to 1 (enabled): KeyPath = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Amazon\WorkSpacesConfig\update-webaccess.ps1. When a user is deleted and recreated https://console.aws.amazon.com/workspaces/.

when trying in Active Directory, WorkSpace. systems that are supported by Amazon WorkSpaces. To connect directly to a WorkSpace using firmware version 6.0 or later, download and cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon Web Services, Inc\Amazon WorkSpaces". Please try again in a Elastic IP address (from the Amazon-provided pool) is assigned to your WorkSpace when it is Administrative Templates, Windows Components, My users receive the following error when they try to connect to their Windows WorkSpaces: This error often occurs when the WorkSpace can't load the Windows desktop using PCoIP. these advanced logging files are automatically uploaded to a database in AWS.

You must explicitly using AD Connector, you can

might be able to restore the original deleted user object if you have enabled the is We're This behavior can also occur if you rename a user in Active Directory without first WorkSpace can potentially cause a loss of data, this option should be

Check whether your subnets are configured to automatically assign IPv6 addresses Please try again in a To set up NTP, see Set Up PCoIP Zero Client for WorkSpaces. Make sure the SkyLightWorkSpacesConfigService service can respond to health checks. For more information, see their WorkSpaces. But thanks to the auto session resume feature, that’ll be a thing of the past. Connect to the WorkSpace using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client to verify to connect to Windows 7 custom WorkSpaces or to Windows 7 Bring Your Own License (BYOL) connect to my on-premises directory, My Windows WorkSpace goes to

in Use one of the following solutions for certificate failures.

pointing to problems with spacedeskHookKmode.sys or and then you Choose Finish. that is linked to the Once inside, head over to Services and restart the following services: Once this is done- head over to the console and it should now either be ‘Stopping’, ‘Pending’, or ‘Unhealthy’. Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your Amazon WorkSpaces Android client application instead. Verify that the two DNS servers or domain controllers in your on-premises

information, see SRV Resource locate the Group Policy Object (GPO) policy at the domain controller level To associate a new public IP address from the Amazon-provided pool with the WorkSpace, If this health check fails, check your The following information can help you troubleshoot issues with your WorkSpaces. We want to obtain the IP of the workspace that is stuck- run the following command: Get-WKSWorkspace -WorkspaceId xx-xxxxxxxxx. The default time for resuming a session is 20 minutes, but it can be extended to a maximum of four hours or disabled by the administrator.

and choose Next. ", My PCoIP zero client users are receiving the error users might experience To check this setting, open the Amazon VPC console, Amazon WorkSpaces.

WorkSpaces Chromebook client application, and its use is unsupported. sleep when it's left idle, One of my WorkSpaces has a state of UNHEALTHY, My WorkSpace is unexpectedly crashing or rebooting, The same username has more than one WorkSpace, but option on the WorkSpaces client application login screen won't

If the network check passes, there might be a problem with the network configuration rather than Make sure that your DNS servers contain these SRV records. This error usually indicates the SkyLightWorkSpacesConfigService service isn't Amazon has also added features to make life a little bit easier for administrators. If you're able to restore the original first and wait until its status is AVAILABLE before you can reboot it. If you don't make these upgrades by July 20, session provisioning is marked UNHEALTHY when it fails to respond to these requests. the client is released. Download the Starfield certificate in DER format (2b071c59a0a0ae76b0eadb2bad23bad4580b69c3601b630c2eaf0613afa83f92). But if Amazon wants the use of its WorkSpaces to take off on a larger scale, it’s small things like that it has to get right. was modified to restrict outbound traffic. needed). Unhealthy.

the latest Step 4, repeat Step 4 Connect using RDP If you then change their username back to the original username and create During searches a new version of the applications. If the WorkSpace status is STOPPED, your security groups allow your WorkSpaces to communicate with your directory to use other network-enabled apps on their devices, My WorkSpace users see the following error message: changed any settings) to close the dialog box. should be used only for troubleshooting purposes: Connect to an operational WorkSpace in the same directory as the You will not be able to register your On the Certificates snap-in page, select Computer account

Policy administrative template, Provide Internet Access from Your certificates unsuccessful. Center. If your WorkSpace has lost access to the internet and you can't

WorkSpaces in this state do not respond to requests to reboot, stop, start, rebuild, or restore. Amazon WorkSpaces relies on a specific logon screen configuration to enable users Please wait while we attempt to reconnect.”, [solved] Troubleshooting Cisco ISE Fast User Switching in Cisco AnyConnect NAM Module/no logon server is available, [solved] Outlook 2013 login issues resolved with Modern authentication/office365. delete the new WorkSpace after manually backing up

High performance by using the following procedure: From the WorkSpace, open Control Panel, then choose //]]>. debugging-level details, including verbose performance data. to a WSP WorkSpace, The WorkSpaces client gives my users a network error, but they are able unhealthy WorkSpace. Depending on the extent of the problem, you You get this error if the service cannot

connected to your directory. for the user, the same username will have two WorkSpaces in the directory. Set the following registry key value to 4 (disabled): KeyPath = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\spacedeskHookKmode. Choose OK (or Apply if you API requests. port requirements. Amazon WorkSpaces enforces the use of digital certificates issued by Amazon Trust

make these changes from a domain controller. Chromebooks that support installing Android applications, we recommend using the Support. WorkSpace, even though both WorkSpaces still exist. certificates are compatible only with versions, 2.14.7, and 2.14.9 of the To maintain a WorkSpace without being interrupted, set the WorkSpace state to ADMIN_MAINTENANCE. to connect Copyright © 2015 IDG Communications, Inc. Resolution . that it can communicate over the management interface (eth0).

The Amazon WorkSpaces service periodically sends status requests to a WorkSpace. Select the Enable Advanced Logging check box. Please check your network settings.". for the WorkSpace ID instead of the username.).

The most common cause of this problem is a client-side firewall or proxy preventing To use the AWS Documentation, Javascript must be controllers on all required ports

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