Heat butter in a pan and stir-fry the enokitake until tender. bb235.onclick = function(){ Maitake mushrooms are easy to find this year. responsiveVoice.speak("Stir-fry sliced king trumpet oyster mushrooms until they are softened.

彼らはみんな料理できます, Cut the fish into three pieces and cook them. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ }else{ こし器で、粉砂糖をふるいにかけてください, I sifted the flour finely before adding it to the mixture. Wash welsh onions and mince them. bb271.onclick = function(){ responsiveVoice.cancel(); ", "US English Female"); ", "US English Female"); if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ bb214.onclick = function(){ responsiveVoice.speak("Add the sliced mushroom stalks. responsiveVoice.cancel(); 寿司を魚側を下にして、しょうゆに浸けます, She dipped strawberries in melted chocolate. Toss the Shishito green pepper into the skillet. responsiveVoice.speak("Cut Mitsuba into large pieces.

}; ", "US English Female"); Toss chopped shallot and meat broth into a plastic bag and rub it with hand. She has a pot of thyme and tarragon on the sill. フォーから香草を取り除いてください, Press the mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove the berry’s seeds. 彼はポテトをすりつぶし、塩コショウを加えた, He crumbled the seeds with a pestle and mortar. }else{ エリンギをみじん切りにしてください, Cut off the stem of the String Bean.

responsiveVoice.speak("I tossed baked sweet potato into the tasty stew. }else{ }else{ ", "US English Female"); Cut the bottom part of the enokitake out. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ ", "US English Female"); ", "US English Female"); responsiveVoice.speak("Cut dropwort roughly and wash it using a sieve. } responsiveVoice.speak("My mother pickled scallions in the glass bottle. } }else{ }else{ その高地エリアは、キャベツの栽培に適しています, Play responsiveVoice.cancel(); if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ 彼女は大さじ3倍の薄力粉、大さじ2杯の麺つゆ、卵1個をボウルの中で混ぜました, blend は「混ぜて、よりよいものを作る」ときに使います。小麦粉・卵をかき混ぜるなどは「かき混ぜる」項目を確認してください。, She blended the ingredients into the paste. responsiveVoice.speak("Mom starts adding sliced onions. Add Komatsuna and cook them until they are heated through. if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ }else{

if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ Heat for 1 minute, or until lukewarm.② Add warm milk mixture and eggs to currant mixture. Divide into 12 even portions. responsiveVoice.speak("Remove the flesh from the pumpkin skin. responsiveVoice.speak("Heat cooking oil in the skillet and then stir-fry celery 1 minutes. 彼女はシソを焼き魚のよこに置きました, He grated a radish and then put it on the small plate. レモンを輪切りにして、焼いた牛肉の横に飾り付けてください, arrange は「配置する」という意味です。飾るというよりは、きれいに並べる感じのときはこちらをお使いください。, Arrange the parsley on the side of these grilled sardine. }

", "US English Female"); } Copyright © 2020 30代40代で身につける英会話 All Rights Reserved. ", "US English Female"); 焼いたイワシの切り身の横にパセリを置いた, He arranged the plates of bread and small dishes of butter. }; 彼は先のとがった道具で中身の果肉部分を取り出していました, I cut papayas in half and scooped out the seeds.

bb186.onclick = function(){ 私は、色が茶色にパリパリになるまで熱した, He buttered the deep-fried prawns. responsiveVoice.cancel(); Peel the butterbur. responsiveVoice.cancel(); } ①先日の記事(筑前煮の作り方を英語で詳しく説明する!【日本食の料理用語集】)でもご紹介しましたが、「中火で」はover medium heatと表現します。, 「強火で」はover high heat、「弱火で」はover low heatです。, ②lukewarmは「生温かい、生ぬるい」という意味の形容詞ですが、レシピですので「人肌」と理解するのがいいかもしれませんね。, ③flat-bladed knifeですが、flat-bladedが「平刃」、knifeが「ナイフ、へら」という意味です。, 別のレシピでもflat-bladed knifeが使われていましたので、写真をごらんください!, http://angielivestoeat.blogspot.com/2012/04/simple-buttermilk-scones.html, comesの代わりに、holdsを使ってmix until the dough holds togetherとしてもOKです。.

}else{ if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ イカをさばいて、皿に置いてください, He skewered fishes with a thin stick. }else{ ベーコンをスライスして、焼きます, Grill turban shells and oysters. 彼は健康にいい菌をつかって、発酵させた大豆を作りました (=納豆), I dissolved a consomme cube in hot water. }else{ }; if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ ザルで、麺に残っている水分を切ってください, She squeezed a lime skillfully. }; Carrots are foods rich in vitamin A. }else{ if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){

responsiveVoice.speak("Boil these butterbur scapes in a pot and then cook rice. }else{ if(responsiveVoice.isPlaying()){ }else{ }

", "US English Female");

} だしを沸騰させずに煮込んでください, He simmered the stock gently until thickened. responsiveVoice.cancel(); トマトを12等分してください, She diced carrots with a kitchen knife. responsiveVoice.speak("Wash welsh onions and mince them. 3分から5分、温めておいたオーブンで焼きました, He cooked dinners and baked tarts and buns. Stir vinegar and sesame oil and then sprinkle it over chopped water spinach. ", "US English Female"); bb258.onclick = function(){ responsiveVoice.cancel();

}; } 子供に語りかける際の幼児語や、おすすめの子供向け英語番組、英語教材の体験サンプルレポート、セブ島での英語キッズクラブ体験など。, ワーホリでイギリスに2年間滞在したSanaが、部屋や仕事の探し方、仕事やお金や英語力のこと、帰国時の税金還付や就活など、リアルに語ってくれました!, ワーホリから帰国後、今度はイギリス大学院留学を決めたSanaの現在進行形の体験記。 フライパンでバターを溶かして、火が通るまで野菜を炒めてください, 「いためる」「炒める」は fry, stir-fry で表現します。炒めるときにかき混ぜるのであれば stir-fry を使ってください。, Fry sliced eggplants over moderate heat. };


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